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24 7 News Net - US Federal Judge Gregory A. Presnell found GUILTY of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME
May 6th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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It's not often you get to say a US District Court Judge is convicted or found guilty of anything, but yesterday was a historic day. An International Religious Court issued an ORDER finding that US District Court Judge Gregory A. Presnell was found GUILTY of a religious HATE CRIME against all members of TOH (Temple of 'Hayah) and the Hon. Dr. Rabbi SOLLOG Immanuel Adonai-Adoni aka GOD. Here is the TOH ORDER http://www.templeofhayah.com/supremecouncil/decisions/20110505-judgepresnell.jpg

Judge Presnell issued an Order on March 1st 2011, in which he chose to mock the religious beliefs of THOUSANDS of members of TOH around the world, by not calling the founder of TOH by his religious names. That person is an infamous figure in US courts. He's actually been to the US Supreme Court SIX TIMES using his name SOLLOG aka GOD. In TOH everyone is part of GOD or GOD. So in legal actions TOH members are entitled to be called GOD since they are part of the GOD HEAD, as is everyone according to their beliefs.

SOLLOG demanded that Judge Presnell RECUSE himself in the matter he is judge on involving SOLLOG since SOLLOG claims the March 1st Order was an INSULT to his beliefs and to thousands of TOH members. The Hon. Judge Gregory Presnell later issued an ORDER saying basically, OK SOLLOG is SOLLOG and he is GOD. But he refused to recuse himself from the case. Claiming he is not a racist or a bigot. So SOLLOG SUED the Hon. Judge Gregory Presnell in the International Religious court of TOH, known as THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE TEMPLE OF HAYAH. The decision of the Supreme Council has ruled, the March 1st 2011 Order of Judge Presnell was found to be a RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME not only upon SOLLOG but all TOH members. Judge Presnell was lambasted in the ORDER of TOH for his HATE CRIME order.

Judge Presnell is best known for what many consider to be a humorous or even a MORONIC order in which he told opposing counsel to settle their differences on the steps of the court house in Orlando with a contest of Paper, Rock Scissors.

Another ORDER was issued by TOH the same day, involving a partner in Killgore, Pearlman, Stamp, Ornstein and Squires the law firm involved in the matter, which is a simple domain name dispute. Mark Ornstein who has filed numerous briefs mocking the religious beliefs of TOH and SOLLOG was also found GUILTY of a RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME upon SOLLOG and all members of TOH.

Judge Presnell was further ordered to recuse himself from any matter involving SOLLOG or any member of TOH. And to keep away from SOLLOG. Mark Ornstein was also ordered to never contact SOLLOG in any way.

Here is the Mark Ornstein Order where Mr. Ornstein was found GUILTY of a RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME upon SOLLOG and all members of TOH.


In a recent filing Mark Ornstein told the court an article on 247 News was written by SOLLOG. That's PERJURY Mr. Ornstein, SOLLOG did not write the article. Nor is SOLLOG writing this article. I believe 247 News now has a LIBEL case for your LIES Mr. Ornstein. SOLLOG is a famous internet figure and numerous sites have many articles on him. We're one of many that write about SOLLOG and TOH, so SHUT THE FUCK UP Mr. Ornstein before 247 News sues your dumb ass for LIBEL.

It is the OPINION of the authors of this article that Mr. Ornstein is what he is, a person a religious court found GUILTY of making religious hate crime remarks. Mr. Ornstein has filed a case against SOLLOG for owning some domains including Mark Ornstein .com. However, the public whois record showed an entity calling itself iConsumer Complaints ORG is the owner. However, recently, it appears that the registrar GODADDY has removed the domain names from it's database. We reviewed the docket of David Maus V. GOD aka SOLLOG and found no order to remove the names, so it appears that GODADDY is once again over reaching in their legal right to delist domain names. However, a while back when we first covered the story, we saw in the WHOIS record that SOLLOG was not named. That has been the whole argument of SOLLOG so far. He does not OWN THE NAMES and he told the court to serve iConsumer Complaints ORG not him.

We spoke to SOLLOG about this and he said, "Judge Presnell will face a MANDAMUS now in the court of appeals if he refuses to remove himself from this case. Judge Presnell will also be named in a counter suit about to be filed as well. For violating my civil and religious rights."

How will the US Courts act to an international religious court that dared to JUDGE a sitting US District Court judge? Around the world religious courts are recognized courts of law. So expect this case to eventually reach the US Supreme Court to establish the rights of International Religious courts to issue ORDERS involving anyone that violates the religious rights of anyone. While US Judges are usually immune from lawsuits within the USA, SOLLOG has a long history of suing US Judges using obscure laws that make Judges able to be sued as long as you do not demand money.

Does the courts of TOH have a right to JUDGE a US Judge? SOLLOG said, "Any religious court can judge anyone they want, that is the long history of law in RELIGIOUS COURTS. When you violate LAWS OF GOD, you will be held accountable."

In a recent filing by SOLLOG in the case, SOLLOG accused Mark Ornstein and David Maus of PERJURY in the fact they claimed David Maus owns the rights to certain 'trademarks'. David Maus is a goofy car dealer from Orlando that many consider a goofball for his corny TV ads. Mr. Maus claims to own the rights to his dealership names, such as David Maus Toyota and David Maus VW. SOLLOG filed a Summary Judgment recently on David Maus and Mark Ornstein alleging PERJURY since the Florida Fictitious names database shows David Maus does not even own the names he claiming he owns in the action. A bunch of out of state companies are listed as the owners on most if not all of the the dealership names involved in the case. So David Maus and his attorney Mark Ornstein are suing SOLLOG for names the whois record showed he doesn't own, and for names that David Maus doesn't own since the dealership names are all on file with the Florida fictitious names division showing out of state companies OWN THE RIGHTS to the names David Maus swore under oath he owns. LOL

In 1996 SOLLOG sued then President Bill Clinton (USDC EDPA 96CV 1499 GOD v USA) over FALSE ARREST for a Federal case that a US Judge ordered the US AGO to dismiss, or the Judge would hit the US AGO for religious hate crimes in prosecuting a modern day PROPHET for merely doing what the Judge considered to be RELIGIOUS WRITINGS that are protected freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

That case is world famous since SOLLOG put details of future ACTS OF GOD in the case that have now started to happen. The edict was put into usenet and time stamped in 1999, it states New Orleans would be destroyed by a hurricane and the United States would cease to exist by 2001. Here is THE EDICT with Googles TIME STAMP. TOH members claim the 2001 date in the SOLLOG edict was when the USA did cease to exist as it did for years after 911 struck. Before 911 the USA was a free democracy, now it's a virtual police state say members of TOH. In other writings SOLLOG gave exact info about 911 that can be found on line with time stamps too, SOLLOG gave exact details about many events such as 911, and the rash of 9.0 Killer Quakes that are shaking the planet exactly as SOLLOG GUARANTEED in his famous Earthquake Prophecies. In 2005 New Orleans, one of the cities condemned by SOLLOG, was literally destroyed by the most famous ACT OF GOD to ever hit the USA Hurricane Katrina. Members in his Temple known as TOH or Temple of 'Hayah claim that case is defacto proof that SOLLOG is the divine ruler of EARTH. Since ACTS OF GOD have struck exactly as he GUARANTEED in US Federal Court records...

Staff of 247 News Net

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