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April 15th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Well, we knew for years SOLLOG the Modern Day Nostradamus is called GOD in US Federal Cases. Now in Orlando the Honorable Gregory A. Presnell a US District Judge has just told attorneys for car dealer David Maus that in US Courts the Domain Lord SOLLOG Immanuel Adonai-Adoni is GOD, it's his LEGAL NAME as far as the US Courts see it. So David Maus just found out he is SUING GOD.

Here is the ORDER in which Judge Presnell says THE FAMOUS DOMAIN LORD SOLLOG is GOD.

The case is a civil matter of alleged ownership of Domain Names.

For months the attorney for David Maus has been saying SOLLOG is not SOLLOG nor is he God. Well in the case Judge Gregory Presnell, who is under a motion to RECUSE due to his past 'orders' in which SOLLOG says he and members of his Temple were offended by Judge Presnell's refusal to acknowledge the religious names of the DOMAIN LORD aka SOLLOG, has agreed, the religious names of SOLLOG is SOLLOG and GOD, a right all members of TOH, Temple of 'Hayah enjoy.

In an ORDER addressing issues such as if the case can be dismissed the judge agreed to call SOLLOG by his name THE HONORABLE DR. RABBI SOLLOG IMMANUEL ADONAI-ADONI aka GOD. That name is well known to US Federal Judges since SOLLOG has been using the US Government and US Presidents for years to OBEY his edicts GET RID OF NUKES or GOD WILL DESTROY MOST OF MANKIND.

In 1996 SOLLOG sued then President Bill Clinton (USDC EDPA 96CV 1499 GOD v USA) over FALSE ARREST for a Federal case that a US Judge ordered the US AGO to dismiss, or the Judge would hit the US AGO for religious hate crimes in prosecuting a modern day PROPHET for merely doing what the Judge considered to be RELIGIOUS WRITINGS that are protected freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

That case is world famous since SOLLOG put details of future ACTS OF GOD in the case that have now started to happen. The edict was put into usenet and time stamped in 1999, it states New Orleans would be destroyed by a hurricane and the United States would cease to exist by 2001. Here is THE EDICT with Googles TIME STAMP. TOH members claim the 2001 date in the SOLLOG edict was when the USA did cease to exist as it did for years after 911 struck. Before 911 the USA was a free democracy, now it's a virtual police state say members of TOH. In other writings SOLLOG gave exact info about 911 that can be found on line with time stamps too, SOLLOG gave exact details about many events such as 911, and the rash of 9.0 Killer Quakes that are shaking the planet exactly as SOLLOG GUARANTEED in his famous Earthquake Prophecies. In 2005 New Orleans, one of the cities condemned by SOLLOG, was literally destroyed by the most famous ACT OF GOD to ever hit the USA Hurricane Katrina. Members in his Temple known as TOH or Temple of 'Hayah claim that case is defacto proof that THE DOMAIN LORD is the divine ruler of EARTH and he now strides the earth as a mortal yet a GOD, and in fact everyone in TOH thinks they're GOD since to TOH, god is defined as the energy that gives all things existence, so SOLLOG IS MAKING EVERYONE GOD in his ground breaking lawsuits against the powers that be that have made a mess of this planet by allowing nuclear power plants to be built over historic fault lines such as in Japan.

So the famous SOLLOG 'edict's are now in play in David Maus v. GOD formerly known as John Ennis his birthname that SOLLOG no longer uses in his day to day life.

What did GOD do that has resulted in a car dealer well known for his cornball ads to end up being sued by David Maus?

Well according to David Maus, SOLLOG aka GOD registered some domains like David Maus Ripoff and DAvid Maus Scam that gave the public information about the D rating of David Maus dealerships at the BBB and also the plethora of RIPOFF reports on various consumer ripoff sites.

Now David Maus is no stranger to the US Federal Courts, since he had to defend a civil rights action from his black employees alleging he is a RACIST.

Now in court SOLLOG is alleging the same thing, that the actions of David Maus's attorneys in regards to mocking his religious names and his beliefs is about to manifest into what SOLLOG has called THE MOTHER OF ALL COUNTER CLAIMS and for sanctions.

I guess David Maus and his attorneys are not familiar with WIPO case law, and it appears Judge Presnell is ignorant of the rules used by Icann to determine ownership of domain names.

SOLLOG says the case is clear a simple non profit consumer rights advocacy group using iConsumer Rights ORG as it's mantel was developing websites to out the negative consumer complaints many consumers often level at cars salesmen such as David Maus, and that such a group can absolutely run sites such as david maus ripoff and david maus scam and david maus lawsuits etc. Even sites like david maus sucks were up and running the complaint says.

So the issue is does David Maus have a right to silence FREE SPEECH of consumers that thinks David Maus SUCKS?

WIPO cases are clear, such sites are protected protest sites and freedom of speech. So SOLLOG says the group running the sites have a right to use the protest names.

Does SOLLOG own them? SOLLOG says he doesn't own the David Maus Domains. But, he's a well known DOMAIN LORD in that his companies control some of the most valuable keywords in the world that lawyers and doctors and other companies pay google billions of dollars to get traffic on. SOLLOG says it's ironic, he has never owned a domain name in his life. In fact he says he owns really NOTHING, anything he did in his life was created so the IP or Intellectual Property rights would benefit his Non Profit Religious Organization known as TOH or Temple of 'Hayah. So the DOMAIN LORD in effect OWNS NOTHING. But, it appears that international non profit religious organizations that control the names most 'think' SOLLOG owns do own perhaps BILLIONS in assets.

How do we come up with those numbers? Well SOLLOG's 'empire' of companies HE DOES NOT OWN personally, has a business model that many think may soon go public or perhaps get bought for BILLIONS of Dollars by a tech company.

Why would anyone give SOLLOG companies BILLIONS? Well the vast portfolio of domains controlled by the DOMAIN LORDS various entities that HE DOES NOT OWN do control some of the most expensive virtual real estate in the world. These are the types of keywords that local professionals now pay Google 50.00 to over 100.00 PER CLICK to get traffic upon. So the business model of SOLLOG's companies is to own the major keywords for local professionals that are now a major focus group of google and to provide Lawyers and Doctors and other Professionals keywords that control google for organic seo, local maps and most importantly SEM or PPC manipulation of Google.

The domain lord says the domains involved in the companies he founded to benefit his international non profit religious organization are the type of assets that are root keywords and geo centered keywords that are the top CPC (cost per click) terms in the world. So one domain can have eventually hundreds of lawyers all using the keyword via sub domains. So that professional can then obtain first view position on google in their market. Plus the domain lords companies that he doesn't OWN also provide professionals with HD videos for their industry that can obtain up to 50% response ratios. In other words, if you are a professional YOU PAY BIG BUCKS to the domain lords companies to make your phone ring. And SOLLOG says his clients phones are ringing and his business model is now starting to create some of the top accounts for both Google and Yahoo since all his clients use SEM/ppc accounts to find clients and they receive discounted clicks due to being 'keyword buyers' on 'keyword domains' controlled by the DOMAIN LORDS companies that he doesn't 'own' personally.

SOLLOG says he is about to file a massive counter claim on the firm representing David Maus which is Killgore, Pearlman, Stamp, Ornstein & Squires, PA. He will also seek massive sanctions on the firm for allowing Mark Ornstein one of the partners to file a bogus lawsuit that is pure LIBEL says SOLLOG. Sollog also says the tactics of Mark Ornstein the lawyer were so bigoted he will seek to have the lawyer DISBARRED for being a racist and filling the court up with worthless paperwork that has been ignored by Judge Presnell to not call SOLLOG by his well known religious names. SOLLOG said, "The actions of Mark Ornstein have offended thousands of TOH members around the world so that person will now feel the wrath of GOD in official complaints to the Bar Association and in SANCTIONS DEMANDS on Mr. Ornstein and his firm for being a clear RELIGIOUS BIGOT."

SOLLOG says he also has a huge trade libel action about to be filed on David Maus and his SEO/Video 'company' Maus Media Group. SOLLOG claims David Maus and or one of his associates or family members GOOGLE BOMBED a Google Map listing for one of the offices of the SEO company he runs in Orlando that resulted in MILLIONS in damages to that office. David Maus will now have to pay treble the damages and 100 MILLION DOLLAR PUNITIVE DAMAGE JUDGMENT will be sought to show you do not do TRADE LIBEL on your competitors. SOLLOG claims David Maus via his Maus Media Group competes in the Local SEO industry and Video Production industries with companies he operates in the Orlando market. Mr. Maus is a nothing player in video and seo while the SOLLOG companies are recognized as one of the top companies in their niche, says SOLLOG.

SOLLOG says if this case was filed properly, at WIPO where domain name disputes are supposed to be settled, the case would have been thrown out immediately. David Maus has to sue iConsumer Complaints ORG not GOD.

SOLLOG says anyone foolish enough to ever sue him will have to face the facts, in GOD v USA in 1996 a real US Court Case THE DOMAIN LORD said HE DEMANDED MANKIND DESTROY ALL NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY or else. The or else that SOLLOG gave is now happening around the world, the acts of GOD that the DOMAIN LORD aka GOD aka SOLLOG gave in his Federal cases to show mankind YOU OBEY THE LORD WHEN HE GIVES EDICTS are now happening.

So now you know, the US Courts agree a mortal walks the earth and if you bring his butt into court you will be calling HIM GOD.

While the Motion to Recuse Judge Presnell is still on file, it appears the Hon. Presnell has learned the real legal name of the DOMAIN LORD is not only SOLLOG but it is GOD, a right that every member of TOH has to use their divine name in any action in the courts of man, says SOLLOG. In essence EVERYONE IS GOD saith the Domain Lord aka SOLLOG, however, most don't own billions in IP assets. And it appears that even SOLLOG or GOD doesn't own the most valuable collection of high value cpc keywords probably every assembled. They are owned by TOH a simple non profit religious organization that is dedicated to helping mankind SURVIVE the coming years in which SOLLOG says 99.9% of humanity is TERMINATED for having nuclear technology, it is FORBIDDEN now on this planet saith the Domain Lord for mankind to possess any nuclear weapons or use any nuclear devices such as power plants. Mankind needs to start to migrate to the high mountain areas if they want to survive the coming CLEANUP of the mess that mankind has created.

Many claim SOLLOG or THE DOMAIN LORD is nuts. If he is, he's created one of the most valuable entities in the world since the portfolio of legal and medical and insurance terms owned by the companies that in essence are owned by TOH do control the largest collection of high value cpc terms. While some lesser domain lords like Frank Schilling control hundreds of thousands of domain names, most are not high value cpc terms. It's not how many you own says SOLLOG, it's the quality of what you own that determines the asset value. And since SOLLOG OWNS NOTHING PERSONALLY he says he has no personal networth, since he could care less about money. But the domain names assembled for TOH to benefit from is staggering he says. Every day TOH is acquiring new virtual assets that can literally be shown as worth 100 Million and more on the 'books' since the potential revenue from 300 or so potential professional clients is often $5,000.00 or more per month. So when you have that much money from 300 professionals a month on one domain name asset and you monetize it over say 10 years on the books as potential income, the assets values become monopoly money says SOLLOG. So the math, 5 thousand times 300 professionals time 120 months that sum is the value on the books of the types of domain names TOH has been acquiring under several business entities. Can a domain name be worth 100 Million or more? According to the business model SOLLOG helped to create, those are the numbers that the top professional domain names are worth today ON THE BOOKS. This is why a domain name like insurance.com sold for 36.5 Million not too long ago, the owners understand the potential income such a domain name has to that billion dollar industry.

Advertising.com sold to AOL for 400 Million due to having 800 clients on that domain name asset in their business model. So what is a group of professional domains worth that have tenants paying thousands per month to use it for Google? Eventually each professional domain can have at least one client in around 300 major geo markets around the world. So a group of such assets is literally worth BILLIONS, the only question is how many billions.

Kudos Judge Presnell you acknowledged the right of a US Citizen to believe whatever their religion says, even if it sounds crazy to most. But then if you went back 3,000 years and said one of the dominant religions on earth would be in two thousand years, one about a man who was crucified for man's sin and ends up being GOD, you would have been laughed at too. So today's funny or crazy 'religions' often end up being the dominant religions if you give them some time.

Will TOH ever become the dominant religion? SOLLOG says when most of humanity is destroyed due to nuclear technology, the survivors are mostly members of TOH living on remote mountains who understand GOD lives inside of all them. Hmmm, maybe that's not too crazy at all, everyone is part of GOD and GOD is all there is...

Staff of 247 News Net

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