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24 7 News Net - SEO GOD V. David Maus - Orlando Car Dealer accused of Libel by THE SEO GOD
November 24th, 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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In Orlando you have a real clown in my opinion, a guy that loves to plaster his face all over those cheap TV ads that egomaniac car dealers love to run over and over.

I never heard of David Maus until recently, I was assigned to call him for an interview. After I did the FBI in Tampa called the line I used. LOL

Then they called the corporate number for 247 News.

Hey agent why didn't you leave your name? Didn't you hear 247 NEWS has a direct connection in the WHITE HOUSE, you know the SECRET SERVICE, they have consulted with the owner of 247 News in the past on matters of NATIONAL SECURITY in regards to protecting the life of the President.

We got the story on our site. We outed the SECRET SERVICE AGENT too in the article.


Seems Bush had to change his plans many times due to BIBLE CODES and what the owner of 247 NEWS told the SS about what the BIBLE SAYS...

You know we had the 911 INFO before it happened, same with Katrina and New Orleans, so FBI stop wasting tax papers dough, I'm allowed to call and interview assholes like David Maus. Yeah he's an ASSHOLE in my opinion.

Here FBI, here's who is SUING David Maus, the guy that sued the US Government in GOD v. USA and GUARNATEED the destruciton of New Orleans by a hurricane and then it happened.


You know the guy that warned of 911 and has a TIME STAMP at google on it.


So FBI go chase some terrorists or something and stop harassing reporters, you are wasting tax payer dollars.

Hey David, I've see the LOGS of calls made to AIS head quarters, you know the company that OWNS 247 News. The company that owns THOUSANDS of domains and runs hundreds of content sites all over the net. I see your Toyota dealership called AIS at their Orlando number on 11/10/2010, and no matter how much YOU LIE to your lawyer THE CALL WAS MADE.

I've also seen how right after David Maus Toyota called SEO ORLANDO one of the many satellite offices AIS operates under PAGE ONE and PAGE 1 SEO, and after they told him NO THANKS we don't want your type of business, that David Maus or one of his associates in his own SEO company known as Maus Media Group posted LIBEL on the business listing of SEO ORLANDO on Google.

So now FREEDOM OF SPEECH is getting a work out. There is a new network of David Maus sites exposing all the RIPOFF REPORTS made against his various dealerships.

How do you like DAVID MAUS RIPOFF?

Plus sites with info about the stuff David Maus has been involved with in courts. Let's see David Maus had not long ago a RACIAL DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT in Federal Court. Wow you won that one.

Well David, bad news, you will not win this one. I saw the rough draft of GOD v. David Maus et al today.

You're accused David Maus of calling AIS satellite SEO office on 11/10/2010 from your dealership number in Sanford, the same location you share with your SEO company, Maus Media Group.

I saw the post YOU PROBABLY MADE or someone in your employ at least made, the next day, on 11/11/2010. The post in which SEO ORLANDO was libeled. Let's see you or one of your stooges threatened Google to REMOVE the #1 LISTING for SEO in Orlando, that is held by the company that runs 247 News. AIS via their Trademarked name SEO ORLANDO (tm).

AIS Mr. Maus, that is who OWNS SEO ORLANDO and 247 News and thousands of sites. Now they own most of your business names in the .info TLD, you know the TLD that WIPO says is okay for ANYONE to run and post info good or bad on any company or famous person. Hey asshole you made yourself a PUBLIC FIGURE with all that six gun shooting you did in your lame ass TV ads! LOL

Oh, AIS, it's the initials of THE SEO GOD that runs AIS in reverse. You see he's a famous HEBREW RABBI that doesn't like racists. His name is Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni aka GOD in US Federal Courts.

In your LIBEL Mr. Maus, you unequivocally stated Page 1 an AIS company is commiting fraud in Florida by having a business listing for their Satellite office in Orlando. Damn you are stupid or your employee who posted it is dumb for saying such a stupid thing.

Now you know why I think YOU ARE A CLOWN David Maus. I think YOU MADE THAT POST, the fact you called SEO ORLANDO on 11/10/2010 and identified yourself as David the OWNER of a Dealership in Stanford, shows YOU CALLED on 11/10/2010. Hey putz, you own a SEO company, so you called to do one think HARASS THEM.

They told you to take a hike PUTZ.

Then who posted the LIBEL about SEO saying if Google doesn't REMOVE the SEO ORLANDO listing, you will take LEGAL ACTION.

Ok Mr. tough guy, 'Rocky' as your SEO buddies at Maus Media Group call you, you want a fight, you picked one you are going to lose. You libeled SEO ORLANDO and AIS and the owner THE SEO GOD.

Now 247 will expose all your NEGATIVE REPUTATION already all over the net. Tons of RIPOFF complaints, consumer affairs complaints, pissed customer complaints.

Here's a few to show our readers why your customers hate you and why we think YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.





You know I could post complaints that are on-line already ALL DAY LONG, but you get the point, he's a RIPOFF CON ARTIST according to this customers. LOL

Now AIS is saying he hid like a little bitch behind an anonymous account or one of his employees and tried to bully Google into removing the SEO ORLANDO listing.

YOU or one of your employees demanded Google remove SEO ORLANDO, now you are being SUED in Federal Court, I've seen the draft of the lawsuit PUTZ.

$250,000.00 PER DAY actual damages for loss of potential clients. Treble damages so almost ONE MILLION A DAY you now owe AIS according to the complaint. Plus they're going for PUNITIVE DAMAGES to teach all owners of companies, if you hide behind anonymous posting accounts at companies like Google and you get found out YOU POSTED LIBEL on a competitior and tried to get them literally put of business by losing a valuable GOOGLE BUSINESS LISTING, then that is such a SCUMBAG thing to do that you should be made an example of. SO PUNITIVE DAMAGES Mr. Maus are now being sought on your sorry bait and switch ass, as many of your customers complain that is your business method, BAIT AND SWITCH, pressuring customers that can't understand English well into high priced warranty deals, etc.

So that's what I saw today chump. You were called to get your side of the story. So you pulled some strings with the scumbag attorneys that represent feces like you.

WOW a Tampa FBI agent called the reporter doing this story.

Hey FBI the VICTIM in this case is Sollog, the SCUMBAG David Maus LIBELED HIM, now Mr. Maus is being publicly humiliated with the fact he has so many UNHAPPY CLIENTS.

Now Mr. Maus you gave a 'review' on SEO ORLANDO, or one of your stooges at Maus Media Group did. Hey putz, you're not a CLIENT so how the fuck can you REVIEW them asshole? But the posts above that say YOU ARE A CON ARTIST and RIPOFF, that's your real clients talking to you putz, they hate your sorry ugly ass. Go hold your mommy in a lovers embrace again scumbag, YOU MAKE ME SICK.

You know Mr. Maus, the name on the post was echo ray, now it's SCOTT.

I'm gonna enjoy covering GOD v. David Maus et al.

Oh, tell that lawyer of yours he's being SUED TOO, after all he is the REGISGTERED AGENT of Maus Media Group the SEO company that would benefit if you got Google to remove the SEO ORLANDO listing.

So David Maus, SUE ME, I read enough about you to form an opinion, my opinion is YOU ARE A SCUMBAG, you are a LIAR, your lawyer swears you didn't call AIS. Really, I spoke to the person you called that day, he laughs, yeah the dude was really arrogant, a real used car sales person, tried to take control, I told him to shut UP, he told me that's what he said to you, then I qualified him, he said. Told him, car dealership in a little crappy town, no thanks NOT INTERESTED, we're too busy with major auto portals.

So notes were made that day, and you can swear all you want to your lawyer, what is his name, Mark Ornstein (hey Mark who owns your name), you know Mark Ornstein the REGISTERED AGENT of the SEO company you own, Maus Media Group, that benefits from your LIBEL about SEO ORLANDO, that you claim you didn't call. HOSTED NUMBERS has the log putz, your dealership called, AIS notes says DAVID OWNER CAR DEALERSHIP SANFORD called and he was REJECTED.

So did someone call from your dealership that day asshole? Is there more than one David that owns David Maus Toyota the number that called AIS that day?

Hey PUTZ, do you like all the new David Maus sites that have all the negative stuff about you on it.

That's not libel reporting all the RIPOFF CLAIMS you have, WIPO says it's allowed.

So sue AIS Mr. Maus.

Hey I watched that sick video of you dancing with your mom made a few months ago at your 'wedding'. Wow you look like you were a child of INCEST, it made me sick to see a grown man with his arms around his mothers neck in a LOVERS EMBRACE. Dude did you have incest with your mom? That was my gut reaction looking at that sickening video she has on her youtube page. Look at this sick shit man. Look at 3:06 or so, GROSS DUDE you make me SICK!

Go ahead David, stick the FBI on me for reporting on you.

Hey David Maus you see the new site


Exactly, enough said.


Staff of 247 News Net

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