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Psychic Sollog goes 4-1 AGAIN on NFL Picks
October 24th, 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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How does he do it.

The AMAZING SOLLOG is once again defying all odds of probability and establishing himself as the GREATS SPORTS HANDICAPPER in History.

Week 7 of the 2010 NFL season Sollog went 4-1 AGAIN, so that's 8-2 the past two weeks.

Sollog is almost 65% on the year (63%).

ONLY 63% you say? Well in gambling circles the BEST HANDICAPPERS are normally no more than 57% or so.

So Sollog's high hit ratio is AMAZING and some say proof of his psychic abilities.

Sollog started off the season 5-0, then for a few weeks was 'average' and now he's running red hot again.

We asked Sollog why he's so hot now, and he replied, "Early in the year I was using my Tarot oracle and pure ESP, my ESP picks were hitting almost all the time, so once I stopped doing oracle picks and relied on my natural abilities, my win ratio picked up. I wanted to do this via my oracle, but my oracle didn't want to participate."

So Sollog says his picks are now PURE ESP and he's RED HOT.

Sollog is now an amazing 22-13 for the year. A 63% winning ratio.

Just before game time, Sollog's weekly locks are published to get time stamps by Google Groups. See the links below. So you can see the picks with time stamps. HE IS REALLY HITTING ALL THESE GAMES.

We asked Sollog why he isn't hitting 100%, and he laughed. He said, "As you know, my prophecies contain enough info so my fans KNOW I'm real, and likewise, my winning percentage shows I AM THE BEST SPORTS PICKER IN HISTORY, yet the skeptics can point stupidly and say oh he's not 100%, and ignore the fact that I'm not a sports picker and yet I'm doing what NO SPORTS HANDICAPPER can do."

If a gambler were wagering say 10,000.00 per game on Sollog's picks he would be up almost $100,000.00 this year.

GAMBLERS DREAM of a long winning streak at 60% or higher and SOLLOG IS DOING IT.

You can get Sollog's weekly picks at Psychic Bets .com

Sollog's site is Sollog.com

Here is today's picks posted early in the morning before the games began. http://groups.google.com/group/psychicbets/t/33a139358861ca71?hl=en

Here is last weeks picks. Both were 4-1 http://groups.google.com/group/psychicbets/t/53fedeaa9f4d6afa?hl=en


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