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Insurance.com sells for 36 MILLION. Is it a BILLION DOLLAR Domain?
October 18th, 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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A big sale of a Domain Name occurred recently, well the site was kinda more than a name, it was a lead generator.

Insurance.com is said to have been involved in a deal worth 36 MILLION

That's a lot of money in 'domain name circles'.

I spoke to a internet maven about this sale and in his opinion he says Insurance.com was probably worth 1 Billion or more to a major insurance company. The reason he says, is that with proper SEO work it would be page 1 for almost any search for insurance, any product search like car insurance and GEO searches like Los Angeles Insurance.

He points to Googles Adwords Estimator as proof of his 'appraisal'. Around 55 Million global searches occur every month on google for 'Insurance' and Insurance related searches. If properly developed with high end SEO and Content our expert on the Net says Insurance.com could capture around 5% of the searches on Google for Insurance. The daily budget suggested by Google for anyone being a player in 'Insurance' is close to TWO MILLION PER DAY in PPC budget. Insurance with Casinos, Travel, Cars and Flowers are five of the biggest search terms on Google, outside of you know SEX.

With targeted big market clicks for big cities like LA and NY, and products like car and auto insurance now at almost 40.00 CPC (cost per click), the traffic from a properly developed domain with organic, maps and even ppc searches should be huge, so huge that it may bring a lucky insurance company that develops it 500 Million a year in ppc valued clicks to their site.

So what is a name like Insurance.com really worth, to an insurance company, it could save them close to 500 million a year in ppc budgets and bring in BILLIONS in new clients who are worth how many BILLIONS over 7 years to a insurance company, the average life span of a new client is estimated at 7 to 10 years for insurance companies.

I started to look up some of the keywords my 'maven' told me to look up, GEO terms for insurance and insurance products to see who the players are that are still ON THE SIDE LINES waiting for huge development partnerships with the big insurance companies.

Let's see I heard of Frank Schilling a few times in the news, he's a big owner of type-in keywords and I see LAinsurance.com was sold for 100K recently. So let's see what keyword type-ins for INSURANCE Frank Schilling owns.... (Go to his name .com and enter INSURANCE all his INSURANCE type-ins come up. Why? Guess he likes to brag)

Wow lots of names Frank, but wait, it looks like all low search stuff so very little type-ins IMO, hmmm,

new york insurance .com NO Frank doesn't own it

los angeles insurance .com Nope Frank doesn't own it

Some smaller geo areas with mostly insurance GEO .com so that can't be a huge traffic hog. GEO Insurance .com would be the top type-ins I'm told.

Hmmm, did Frank miss the bus on major INSURANCE TERMS?

Auto Insurance .com NO Frank Schilling

Life Insurance .com NO Frank

New York Insurance .com NO Frank

Los Angeles Insurance .com NO Frank

Insurance Malaysia .com FRANK OWNS IT. Wow. 300 or so EXACT MATCHES I see. So what, 1% or so type it in.com without going to google. So 3 people a month go to Franks great Insurance country GEO. AMAZING this guy gets so much press about all the domains he owns. I hear he likes beaches, owns "7 Miles" or something in Caymans. Wasn't Malaysia wiped out in that Tsunami in 2004? He must make a mint off that type-in, huh?

How does Frank make his 'millions' it's sure not from INSURANCE TYPE-INS.

So I checked out this new portal my business maven told me to look at.

Hmmm, nice look 1 Insurance Quotes.com, no one is gonna type in that for sure. Unless they brand it with a ton of marketing which I hear is in the works. But wait, there's a ton of links, OK lets see Los Angeles insurance, New York Insurance, all the big cities.

Hey Frank, why aren't any of your keywords on page 1 of google? Maybe you need to hire PAGE 1 SEO to get some of those type-ins you own on PAGE ONE.

Some sites Frank might want to check out.

Page 1 SEO

1 Insurance Quotes

Los Angeles Insurance

New York Insurance

Frank Schilling

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