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Friday the 13th PLANE CRASH - Flight 3407 Hogan Air Buffalo New York
FRIDAY THE 13th - February 13th 2009
Written By D.E. Alexander 247 News Net
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Below is the remarkable video from the crash site of Flight 3407 Colgan Air for Continental Air near Buffalo New York.

WE ARE CALLING IT THE FRIDAY THE 13th PLANE CRASH, since the NEWS STORY broke on FRIDAY the 13th, even though the crash site had a little of an hour left before it was FRIDAY THE 13th. IN MOST OF THE WORLD IT WAS ALREADY FRIDAY THE 13th. So don't email me, it wasn't FRIDAY THE 13th. It WAS when the story broke and around most of the world it was!

If you're a Sollog fan, YOU KNOW what he says about PLANE CRASHES and also FRIDAY THE 13th.


48 are dead on the Plane and 1 on the ground.

On this site are many articles with links to Sollog's famous PROPHECIES. Sollog's Web Site is www.Sollog.com

The most recent prophecy we've been writing about is his amazing Prophecy from October 2007, in which he called the COLLAPSE OF WORLD STOCKS, the election of Barack and the historic rise of OIL.

ALL OF THAT was foretold in October 2007 or 16 months ago. The same PROPHECY does mention PLANE CRASHES.

HERE'S PROOF, Google TIME STAMPED the Prophecy since it was put into Usenet 16 months ago. See for yourself, when the DOW was at the top, Sollog said CRASH, it did. The historic rise in Oil happened 9 months later and Barack sure took THE THRONE of POWER. Hillary was the favorite then. Here's the TIME STAMPED GOOGLE PAGE

Oh, SOLLOG PUT THE EXACT DATE OF THE CRASH in the verse on THE CRASH 122 appears in the verse, 12/2 or 12th day of February, so, SOLLOG KNEW THE DATE.

Here is the VERSE, EXACTLY as he wrote it, capitals tell the story and look at the numbers 1 2 2 appears IN REVERSE.


Another rash of PLANE CRASHES
2 Planes collide in the AIR
2 Planes collide on the GROUND
1 Plane explodes in the Air

LOOK ABOVE, see 122, now look at this TIME STAMPED GOOGLE PROPHECY from 16 months ago, BANG, IT'S REAL! Sollog KNOWS EXACT DATES, do you want to talk to him world media? I just did! HA HA HA. Beat you to it. HERE'S PROOF I'm not joking. SOLLOG HIT THE EXACT DATE! The LEGEND OF SOLLOG JUST GOT BIGGER!


Expect a rash of them again SAYS SOLLOG, who I spoke to this morning. Oh, he's doing READINGS for a short time for new clients. He rarely does personal readings. SO GET ONE NOW!

Sollog is the person who almost a year ago released the LUKE 10:18 verses about Jesus claiming LIGHTNING IS SATAN.

Sollog a Hebrew Rabbi pointed out almost a year ago that LIGHTNING in Hebrew is BARACK or Betch Resh Qoph.

Blessed in Hebrew is Beth Resh Kaph BARAK. So, Barack is LIGHTNING or SATAN if you believe in the New Testament...

Check out SATAN IS BARACK the music is by REX LUCIFERIUS (HA HA HA)


Rex Luciferius' music web site is www.RexLuciferius.com

Why does that voice sound so familiar...

he he he

I hear Rex is going to be a VIDEO correspondent for 247 News. Since we moved to VIDEO NEWS lately.

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The VIDEO of the Crash Site is Below.

Sollog's Web Site is www.Sollog.com

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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