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May 13th, 2008

A powerful 8.0 Great Quake struck 60 miles northwest of Chengdu in Central China on May 12th 2008. The EXACT DATE the infamous QUAKE PREDICTOR SOLLOG WARNED a HISTORIC GREAT QUAKE would KILL THOUSANDS!

In Sollog's Xmas 2007 Prophecies released in October 2007 last year (see TIMESTAMP LINK at GOOGLE ) Sollog gave 12/25 for THE NEXT KILLER GREAT QUAKE TO SACRIFICE THOUSANDS! Sollog often tells his fans in his prophecies to use EURO DATING. In euro dating 12/25 is 25/12. 5 12 appears EXACTLY as Sollog warned in the date! The quake struck north of Chengdu which Sollog says is ancient SUMERIAN for CHE-EN-DU or THE PATH / WAY! Due east of the epicenter, MIANYING was LEVELLED. Sollog says MI-AN-I-I-NGA is Sumerian also for PRAISE the DIVINE POWER OF GOD!

Sollog has released a new prophecy explaining how this quake's epicenter is connected to the epicenter of the GREAT 2004 TSUNAMI 9.0 QUAKE that struck 12/25/2004 (EST). Sollog explains in his MI-AN-MAR Prophecy how those two epicenters form a LINE ON A WORLD MAP on which the near center is the area struck recently by the Cyclone in Myanmar. The three events form a STRAIGHT LINE. Sollog says MI-AN-MAR is ancient Sumerian for The Divine Power of GOD to FLOOD!


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