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February 2nd, 2008

On December 20th 2007 Sollog, known as "GOD" in Federal Court Records, sued the City of Philadelphia and numerous employees of PPS (Phila. Prison Systems) for CIVIL RIGHTS ABUSE! Link to article about Case 07-5484, Adonai-Adoni (GOD) v. The City of Phila. et al.

On January 7th 2008 the Hon. John Padova ORDERED the defendants to RESPOND or he would send U.S. Marshals after 30 Days.

On January 8th 2008 the first "casualty" of defendants in the case STRUCK! Leon King II, Commissioner of P.P.S., was FIRED!

Major Butler a long-time Deputy Warden at CFCF was removed from her position at CFCF.

Lt. Patricia Howard recently suffered a MASSIVE STROKE and is reported to have DIED.

In court records Sollog has accussed Lt. Howard of TRYING TO KILL HIM by TORTURING HIM!

On 1/28/2008 Sollog told C.O. S. Robinson and C.O. Lopez and many inmates that Lt. Howard would be TERMINATED by 2/1/2008.

2 Days later Lt. Howard collapsed from a STROKE!

Sollog says for his FANS to read Jeremiah 11:20. It says "O LORD, who JUDGEST RIGHTEOUSLY, who triests the DESIRES (not reins Sollog says) of the HEART, LET ME SEE VENGEANCE ON THEM..."

Sollog's POD has been locked down for DAYS since C.O.'s are REFUSING to work the "BLACK MAGIC" POD!

Sollog says DIVINE JUSTICE has been invoked in his case! He is INNOCENT!

In total, Sollog has over $2 BILLION in Damages in his two CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIONS pending in Federal Court. Aramark (a private Corporation) is a Defendant as is CEO Joseph Neubauer.


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