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January 25th, 2008

SOLLOG, a political prisoner of King BUSH, now has 3 cases in the U.S. Supreme Court!

You can look up the cases at www.supremecourtus.gov

The cases are 07-8824, 07-8843, 07-8563

Sollog has 31 Federal Actions now over his ILLEGAL INCARCERATION!

Most "lawyers" never have one case in the US Supreme Court!  Sollog got status on 3 cases in ONE MONTH!

Sollog is the Elyon Shapat (Chief Judge) of an International Religious Court!  One of his numerous honorary Doctorates is in Law!

Sollog has PROVEN in Lower Courts, the Philadelphia DA used PERJURY to falsely convict him for a 1988 Traffic accident NOW labelled a crime!  Sollog says these 3 cases concern if he used the correct "Petition" in court for his Habeas cases.  Other US District Courts use the Petition Sollog used.  So the US Supreme Court has the chance to make US Habeas Law UNIFORM if they choose to hear Sollog's cases.


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