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January 22nd, 2008

In October 2007, the infamous Sollog, considered by many to be a modern "Nostradamus", released his 2007 Xmas Prophecies.


Quatrain X (10) states The CRASH of STOCKS around the world... 

Yesterday, STOCK MARKETS CRASHED around the world...

Black Monday: recession fears spark global share crash

In Sollog's Xmas 1997 Prophecies, Sollog predicted the CRASH of US Internet Stocks! US internet Stocks dropped almost 20% since Sollog wrote his 2007 Xmas Prophecies!

Quatrain XI (11) states OIL SOARS. Recently, OIL hit a record high of $100.00 per Barrel!

Farewell to cheap oil

Quatrain XII (12) predicts the RISE of Bara(c)k in US Politics! Since then Barack Obama has become a leader in US Politics!

Obama's Rise Dismays Clinton's Supporters 

Quatrain IX (9) states a killing spree will occur in a Church! On 12/9/2007 near Denver such a shooting struck in a Church!

Security guard who stopped shooter credits God

Quatrain I (1) predicts Quakes with 12/25 and 1/1 as key dates. A swarm of HUGE Quakes in UNUSUAL places occurred WORLDWIDE that week...

October 11th-13th, 2008

Here's a reminder of Quatrain X from the Xmas Prophecies 2007, written in October 2007 :

What goes up... Must come down
The CRASH of STOCKS around the world
Fortunes GONE in a blink of an eye
Traders shall commit SUICIDES

The global stockmarket crash has now evolved into a crisis. Panic selling on Wall Street caused it to plummet by over 40% since October 2007.  The Dow was trading at 13,500 at the time.

The final line of the prophecy has also started to come true :

Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train
Murder-Suicide in California: A Tragedy of the Financial Crisis?

In Quatrain XI, the price of oil was predicted to soar.  Oil was around $90 per barrel when the Xmas prophecy was written. Oil prices then surged to a peak of just over $147 per barrel on 11th July, 2008.  This was just ONE trading day before Sollog's birthdate of 14th July, or 14/7 in euro dating!  Since 14th July, oil prices have fallen rapidly due to weak demand.

In Quatrain VII, it was stated : 

The wonder of e-commerce
OH NO!  The internet comes to a virtual STOP
Is it terrorism?
Or is it a bug?

A few months after this was written, several undersea internet cables were cut disrupting internet services in several countries.  There was some speculation it was terrorism.

New cable cut compounds net woes

In Quatrain I, Sollog predicted thousands would die again from a Great Quake. This prophecy was fulfilled when the Sichuan Earthquake struck China killing thousands.  See this article on the quake.


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