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Sollog SUES Aramark for $100 Million!

By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
January 18th, 2008

A Federal Judge has ORDERED Private Corporation Aramark to RESPOND to Sollog's 100 Million Dollar CIVIL RIGHTS Action on Aramark and CEO Joseph Neubauer for not feeding Sollog a proper TOH - Kosher Diet while he is in custody in a Philadelphia County Jail. The case number is USDC-EDPA # 07-5484.

Sollog is a world famous figure who founded TOH (Temple of 'Hayah) a Torah based "Hebrew" movement. He is one of the most written about people in the short history of the internet due to his accurate "Prophecies" similar to the style of Nostradamus that have circulated the internet since 1996!

The last "Public" Company Sollog threatened to Sue sent that company's stock plunging, losing almost 90% of its value after news of Sollog's pending legal action was made public!

Sollog was ILLEGALLY EXTRADICTED almost 3 years ago to Philadelphia for an alleged escape that was WITHDRAWN by DA Lynne Abraham.

Sollog faced false charges of assault on guards since his arrest. That case was also withdrawn by DA Lynne Abraham!

Sollog has sued Lynne Abraham in another Federal CIVIL RIGHTS Action over that FALSE ARREST (Case 07-3689).

The case still holding Sollog was settled 20 years ago as an ACCIDENT!

The victim SWORE in 1988 in a Bucks County CIVIL CASE he had an ACCIDENT with Sollog in BUCKS COUNTY PA!

In 1996 Sollog somehow was convicted of the Bucks County ACCIDENT being refiled as a CRIME in Philadelphia!


Now Sollog has numerous FEDERAL ACTIONS trying to FORCE PA COURTS to ERASE the 1996 Conviction of a 1988 ACCIDENT!

So far, the City of Philadelphia faces over 2 BILLION DOLLARS in Damages if Sollog wins his two Federal Civil actions over his FALSE IMPRISONMENT!

Sollog is the founder of numerous software companies, an internet company that operated over 300 websites, the author of over 50 Books and his Film company produced 5 Films. His Music company produced 6 Sollog albums! Sollog's "Art" sells for thousands of dollars per canvas to his fans!

Sollog's website is www.sollog.com and www.sollogs.com .

Federal Complaint for Civil Rights Violation - Case 07-5484

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Judges Order


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