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Written By Sollog
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27th November 2007

A potential "witness" in the Kenneth Tuck trial for Philadelphia DA's office run by Lynne Abraham, has filed a "NOTICE" in Federal Court claiming the Philadelphia Homicide Detectives investigating the kidnapping of Shamira Taylor, the son of politician John D. Myers, coerced a FALSE STATEMENT from him by ABUSING him during questioning (LINK).

The witness, Charles Paladino, placed into Federal Court Records in United States District Court in the Eastern District of PA, Case Number Civ. 07-370, a "Notice" stating Homicide Detectives REFUSED to give him medical attention for "Chest Pains", from his PACEMAKER!

Charles Paladino recently won a decision in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals (CA3 07-2422 -[2007]) in regards to his Federal lawsuit alleging copious Civil Rights violations by Philadelphia County DA Lynne Abraham.

I myself have numerous FEDERAL ACTIONS on Lynne Abraham over her PROVEN use of PERJURY in my own case!

I've been illegally incarcerated due to an alleged "escape", that Lynne Abraham has now sworn to three different dates for!

The main case involves a nearly 20 year old "accident" that Abraham used PERJURED testimony to falsely convict me on!

In my case, someone SWORE in 1988 he had an "accident" in Bucks County with a "John Ennis".

In 1996, Abraham let the "victim" PERJURE themselves in a Philadelphia court room.

The person claimed the 1988 "Accident" in Bucks County was really a "Crime" of Assault in Philadelphia.  Completely CONTRADICTING their sworn 1988 Affidavit from a CIVIL CASE in 1988, where they received $100,000.

So, Abraham is USED to using PERJURY in her cases!  She did it in my 1996 case!

She's doing it again in the trial of Kenneth Tuck!

Paladino tried to explain to homicide he "witnessed" me questioning Tuck about his case.

Tuck ADMITTED his guilt in that questioning.  But, he then recanted it!

Tuck put himself at the scene of the kidnapping when I QUESTIONED him!  I sent that info to the US Attorney General's office!

That was almost a year ago!  I got NO RESPONSE BACK!

Since I'm SUING Lynne Abraham over the use of PERJURY in my own case, it is not proper for me to "work" with the agency who is keeping me imprisoned FALSELY!

The Tuck case is very interesting.  The key witness knew Tuck while ONLY 15!  They had a sexual relationship.  For DAYS, she did not tell Homicide about "Tuck".  Then she gave him up!  So she's given multiple "statements".  Due to tactics of homicide, such as imprisonment of a WITNESS for DAYS!

Her name is Caren Murphy.  Her name transliterated into Hebrew is Kaph-resh-nun for Karen.  It means DIRTY!  Also, MUDDY WATER!  Murphy is transliterated as two words in Hebrew, mem-vau-resh which means TO CHANGE.

And Pe-He, which means MOUTH.  So TO CHANGE MOUTH (LIE) is a proper transliteration of MURPHY into Hebrew (MUR-PhE).

EXACTLY what she has done in this case!

TUCK in Hebrew has two basic meanings.  One is "The Middle" and another is FRAUD or DECEIT!

The victim, Shamira Taylor, has a special name in HEBREW!  Shin-mem-resh, the root of the name Shamira, can mean a "Diamond".  But in ANCIENT HEBREW it means DREGS or SEDIMENTS found in a wine barrel!  The psychic impression I have due to his name is that he may have been liquified!  His body now sits perhaps in a barrel in a warehouse!  Or it did!

I AM INNOCENT!  A 1988 Affidavit PROVES Abraham's office used PERJURY in my case!  Three new sworn statements by Abraham about a FALSE ESCAPE, PROVE Abraham has LIED DIRECTLY herself in my case!

It's time for the US-AGO to take over the Shamira Taylor case.  They need to have Caren Murphy take a LIE DETECTOR TEST!

I will pass mine easily.  Kenneth Tuck ADMITTED he saw Caren Murphy the night of the kidnapping!

Then he corrected himself!  THAT IS THE TRUTH!


However, Lynne Abraham is a PROVEN LIAR!  She swore to 3 Dates for an "escape" in my case!  That's PROOF, she is a PERJURER!  She allowed PERJURY to convict me in 1996!



P.S. Another recent High Profile Case in Philadelphia had an amazing Hebrew name analysis.  Jeffrey MARSALIS, the Internet Date Rapist.  In Hebrew (MAR-SALA-ISAK)  means a DROP, MEASURED and POURED!  Exactly what his victims claimed he did!  Yet a jury found him innocent of drugging his victims!  Yet, his NAME in Hebrew says he did it!

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