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The Confession of Kenneth Tuck

Written By Sollog
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
3rd August 2007

Kenneth Tuck is accused of kidnapping Shamari Taylor.  He is the son of politician John D. Myers.  The key witness is Tuck's ex-girlfriend Caren Murphy.

Kenneth Tuck is an inmate at C.F.C.F the maximum security jail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kenneth Tuck had a hung jury in his first trial.

When I first met Kenneth Tuck was shortly after he came to jail after having been almost killed.  He was shot multiple times.

At the hospital in Camden, he was turned over to homicide detectives, for the kidnapping and disappearance of Shamari Taylor.

Since I help inmates occasionally with Legal work, Kenneth Tuck gave me his preliminary hearing transcripts so I could find potential Due Process violations.

He was not mentioned directly by the key witness, until she suffered numerous hours in incarceration under the illegal tactic of "questioning" to force a statement by homicide detectives.

That statement says, Kenneth Tuck was part of the "team" that kidnapped Shamari.

The witness told multiple versions of the story.  Not fully admitting her sexual involvement with Tuck 5 years earlier, when she was ONLY 15!

Tuck swears he is innocent!

I suggested he volunteer a lie detector test.  He said he was "too nervous".

He said he wanted to "take the stand", in his case.  I advised him not to, since he has a minor record.  So, I presented a few questions to Tuck to show him how tricky a good "DA" could be.

I asked him a couple of simple questions.  Then I asked, "Before the night of the kidnapping, it was 5 years since you saw Caren,...RIGHT?

Lo and behold, TRUTH!

Kenneth Tuck said YES, it was 5 years or so before  that night!

I stopped the questions.  Case closed!  Tuck said next question.  I told him there were NO MORE.  HE HAD ADMITTED HIS GUILT!

Tuck's jaw dropped.  He stammered.  He almost turned white (he's Afro-American).  Then he smiled!

He said, "You're tricky!  I meant it was 5 years since I saw her in Court! "


I also told him, if he knew where the body was, to "Cut a deal".

He still claims "innocence".

He insists he was not shot. "TO KEEP QUIET".

Common sense tells you he was.

Will the TRUTH ever come out?

Where is the Body?

As a person gifted with paranormal abilities.  I often catch a "vision" when I'm around someone.

Let's say, it's a "look" into the darkest secrets of a soul!

I asked Kenneth Tuck one day if the kidnappers "liquidated" the body of Shamari Taylor.  That was the dark secret I saw connected to this sad story!

Kenneth Tuck once again turned "white".  As if he knew I had read his mind or perhaps looked into his dark soul!

Is Tuck guilty?

Tuck in Hebrew is Tav-Vau-Kaph.  It means "Caught in the middle!"

Perhaps Tuck was at the kidnapping, as his CONFESSION for a brief moment in time proves!

Perhaps Tuck was set up?

Perhaps the witness needs to take a lie detector test to see if Tuck was REALLY there that night!

Did the others involved shoot Tuck to silence him?  Does he fear for his daughter's life, so he'll never tell what he really knows?

TUCK is CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE exactly as his name in Hebrew states!

Did the witness use Tuck as a convenient "alibi" as Tuck claims!  What does a lie detector test say?

This is a good reason LIE DETECTORS should be used in Court!

Who is telling THE TRUTH?

One hung jury so far, shows the DA has a weak case!

Yet, I heard TUCK CONFESS!

Where is Shamari?

The victims name in Hebrew means sediments, dregs, or lees of wine found in a barrel.  (Shin-Mem-Resh-Yodh).

He is most likely now turned into a foul, sticky liquid!  A few chemicals in a tub from any Home Depot can liquify a human body in a couple of weeks.  Or, perhaps he will be found in a barrel in a warehouse!  These are the visions I see upon the dark heart of Kenneth Tuck!

He is caught IN THE MIDDLE...


Copyright 2008 Adoni Publishing
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