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24 7 News Net - Sollog goes 5-0 at Psychic Bets to start the 2011 NFL Season
September 17th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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So you were watching MONDAY NIGHT NFL FOOTBALL in the good old USA.


Now fans of the Modern Nostradamus aka SOLLOG are screaming, OH NO Sollog's 911 warnings gave the date of the BLACKOUT and NUKE TERRORISM IS NOW NEAR...

There's thousands of pages on the net about SOLLOG, and yes, HE NAILED 911 in his 'prophecies'.

After 911 occurred SOLLOG issued a public warning about the FUTURE and NUKES and he put BLACKOUT in big capital letters, the dreaded SOLLOG code.

Here it is look for youself, it's TIME STAMPED by Google.


Last nights game between the 49er's and Steelers had TWO BLACKOUTS in it.

Look at the date 12/19/11

Yep 911 is in the date.

SOLLOG took a hiatus of around 3 years from his prophecies, but last winter solstice he released his only new prophecies to date.

He warned of THE BULLET IN THE HEAD for the new year for a 'leader', weeks later a congress woman was headline news a bullet in the head and later this year Osama was HEADLINE news, with a bullet in the head.

You can view the youtube video of his Winter Solstice 2010 prophecy in which weeks before a US congress woman was struck with a BULLET IN THE HEAD, he warned of how a BULLET IN THE HEAD would be the main story of 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mDB_-3d-nI&feature=player_embedded

Now we have two bizarre blackouts of a NFL game on a date with 9/11 in it...

SOLLOG was contacted and his only response was he is about to release his 2011 Winter Solstice Prophecies on youtube.


SOLLOG is known for hitting exact dates and locations for rare very large earthquakes. He has hit exact details of major terrorism events.

SOLLOG has authored over 50 books, scored dozens of songs, is a major artist and poet and has produced 6 films as well as over a dozen music videos.

You can get SOLLOG books and films and art at SOLLOG.com

Staff of 247 News Net

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