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24 7 News Net - Sollog goes 5-0 at Psychic Bets to start the 2011 NFL Season
September 17th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Looks like the on-line Sports Books and the Sports Books in Vegas may be bankrupt soon.

PSYCHIC BETS is giving THE EDGE to it's members and the infamous internet mystic/psychic/prophet and playboy SOLLOG is now 5-0-1 for the 2011 NFL Season.

Last year SOLLOG vowed to beat the top NFL Handicappers at their game making close to 100 NFL picks and having an incredible winning ratio of close to 65%.

The top handicappers can't even hit 58% winners.

Now SOLLOG is at it again, starting the 2011 NFL SEASON 5-0-1

SOLLOG gave us exact details of the Thursday Opener between the Packers and the Saints. He told us before the game, the over will almost be covered by the half. It was a point or two from being covered at the half exactly as Sollog told us.

SOLLOGputs his NFL picks on Pyshic Bets .com

Members get 5 picks weekly and SOLLOG covers the playoffs and Super Bowl as well, he's actually hit 17 Super Bowls in a row!

SOLLOG puts his NFL picks in a group at Google where they are TIME STAMPED, just before the first game kicks off.

You can see the Sollog time stamped Psychic Sports Picks here

SOLLOG is also putting his picks on his Facebook site at FaceBook.com/Sollogs where SOLLOG has been revealing some of his personal life including all the gorgeous young girls he's dating in S Florida. Let's just say SOLLOG IS LIVING THE LIFE.

SOLLOG says the way to play his picks is to bet EVERY GAME he picks, for the same amount, and 500.00 to 1,000.00 per game or MORE is the number you need to bet to MAKE MONEY on NFL betting.

SOLLOG says just make sure you use a legit book like one of the on-line major books or the books in Vegas to place his action.

SOLLOG says local bookies will be crushed this year by his picks hitting so much.

So far SOLLOG is 5-0-1, his one push was the Eagles. Andy Reid didn't go for an easy field goal at the end of game to make it a 6-1 start for SOLLOG.

SOLLOG is known for hitting exact dates and locations for rare very large earthquakes. He has hit exact details of major terrorism events.

SOLLOG mostly does private readings now for wealthy people and celebrities due to his time being very limited to Psychic stuff. He runs a major SEO company and IP Investment Firm and has acquired one of the most valuable portfolio of DOMAIN NAME ASSETS in the world.

SOLLOG has authored over 50 books, scored dozens of songs, is a major artist and poet and has produced 6 films as well as over a dozen music videos.

You can get SOLLOG books and films and art at SOLLOG.com

Staff of 247 News Net

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