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24 7 News Net - David Maus Toyota and David Maus SUED For Trade Libel
Mark Ornstein and Kilgore Pearlman Stamp Ornstein & Squires sued for Civl Rights Violations
US Judge Gregory Presnell sued for Civil Rights Violations

May 22nd, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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What an interesting case in the US District Court in Orlando. Some crackpot lawyer thinks everyone writing about SOLLOG is SOLLOG. LOL

Hey, Mark Ornstein, that's you moron.

So, Mark Ornstein who is a lawyer and who is on the business records of Maus Media Group as their registered agent, a NOBODY wanna be SEO company in Orlando, is running around Federal Court saying staff from this site is Sollog and another site and another. LOL

Now Mark Ornstein and his firm Kilgore Pearlman Stamp Ornstein & Squires (kpsos.com) are being SUED in a huge counterclaim and cross claim over a case they incorrectly bought against the founder of a religious group known as TOH (Temple of 'Hayah TempleofHayah.com). That religious leader goes by the name SOLLOG. The claim on Mark Ornstein and his lawfirm was bought due to how the Mark Ornstein is harassing the religious leader SOLLOG over his religious names. Already, Mark Ornsteing and the US District Judge in the matter have been CONVICTED of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES by an international religious court that TOH operates. Here are the legal decisions calling the Judge and Mark Ornstein out for being guilty of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES



Thus far, the US District Judge in the matter is refusing to remove himself from the case, even though the person being sued by David Maus (you know the cornball Orlando Used and New Car Dealer in Orlando) has bought a HATE CRIME action on the Judge and Mark Ornstein over written words in the case that the religious leader says are HATE CRIMES. Thus far, the courts of TOH agreed and found the Judge Gregory A Presnell GUILTY of HATE CRIMES as well as Mark Ornstein. Now that leader has the Judge being sued inside the case for RELGIOUS HATE CRIMES and Mark Ornstein and the lawfirm of Mark Ornstein, Kilgore Pearlman Stamp Ornstein & Squires and its senior partners are now all facing serious monetary damages for bringing the action and harassing the religious leader over his religious rights to his religious names. Plus the religious leader has a huge counterclaim for TRADE LIBEL now on David Maus and his various companies!

The counterclaim and cross claim (Download Counterclaim) are way more interesting than the underlying matter. David Maus the cornball car dealer in Orlando sued the religious leader for allegedly registering and operating some FREEDOM OF SPEECH SITES with info about the terrible BBB rating of David Maus dealerships in a HD Video on a site run by i Consumer Complaints Org.

David Maus and his lawyers say i Consumer Complaints Org is the religious leader. They say the people writing articles on 24 7 news is the religious leader, they say everyone writing anything positive ever on the net is the religious leader. LOL

Now I hear Mark Ornstein and his lawfirm is facing a huge LIBEL SUIT for trying to harm the reputation of 24 7 News in Federal court saying all the writers of 24 7 are the religious leader.

Mark Ornstein is also claiming a bunch of blogs are also the religious leader. In other words, Mark Ornstein is a nut job that thinks everyone in the world is the religious leader.


In fact, Mr. Ornstein is taking copyrighted info from this site and abusing it in the case, with perjured comments trying to inflame the Judge who has already been CONVICTED of a RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME against every member of TOH, to thinking everyone writing about this story is the religious leader. So I guess that means the folks at Der Spiegel, the Guardian, the Washington Post and even the NY Times who have written about the religious leader over the years is the same person too.

Now, the underlying matter involves a group of Domain Names that are basically FAIR USE sites since they either parody or criticize a company or a famous person. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is allowed in domain name registrations, so if the use is to make fun or criticize any entity or famous person, the use is legit and not in bad faith.

There are allegations of 'bad faith' in the case by David Maus saying the religious leader demanded money for the names to be turned over. In response to that allegations, the religious leader says it's PERJURY, it never happened. It should be simple enough, they produce letters or emails from the religious showing he demanded money for the names, then they may have a bad faith claim. However, people are allowed to register names to criticize anyone basically in the world. The net is supposed to be a FREE SPEECH ZONE.

From what I've been hearing about the case, there seems to be an issue with some of the names being involved in an older Federal Case in which the moron lawyer in Orlando Mark Ornstein SWORE the names were owned by an entity other than David Maus.

That entity is indeed listed with the state of Florida, but it looks like a shell company with ownership traced to a shell company in other states like Arizona.

So in one US Federal Case Mark Ornstein is filing SWORN documents saying this entity owns the names and 'exclusive rights' to it, and now he's swearing David Maus is the owner in this new case. LOL

So now there's a major PERJURY issue against Mark Ornstein and his firm since he is after all a partner in Kilgore Pearlman Stamp Ornstein & Squires.

The bottom line is, the case about the names is simple, i Consumer Complaints Org OWNS THEM, not the religious leader. And now it appears they are going to defend their right to have negative info about famous people and businesses on sites designed to give the public information critical of any famous person and any company. Since the religious leader has named i Consumer Complaints Org in a cross complaint.

Is the operation of a web site with negative information about a famous person or business fair use according to rules that govern domain names? You bet it is.

Is it 'fair' that a judge who mocked the religious beliefs of thousands of members of a fast growing new religious belief is allowed to sit in judgment of the religious leader after he's been CONVICTED by an international court of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES? No

In fact in a recent ruling by US Judge Gregory A. Presnell he stated, "This court does not recognize the jurisdiction or authority of the 'Supreme Councel of the Temple of 'Hayah' to regulate the Court's conduct." So he refused to recuse himself for the 2nd time in the case. Does that sound like the Judge is being unbiased? NO

Now the judge is named in the cross claim within the same suit, so from what I hear the Judge gets a 3rd chance to recuse himself, since he has to defend now a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION over RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in the same case, so there's going to be a 3rd recusal request, then I hear it's going to go to the appellate Federal Court in Orlando if the judge refuses to get off a case he is a defendant now in!

Now you can see why I said the cross claim and counterclaim are way more interesting than the underlying action.

Face it David Maus, the domains are not being used in BAD FAITH, they operate clearly within the definition of FAIR USE in that they criticize a business and a famous person. So tough shit, IMO, that the names should be censored. They shouldn't be. They should be allowed to operate as they are under a consumer rights org with the intent to do one thing, let other consumers know about all the complaints consumers are making about David Maus car dealerships.

So now if you believe in CONSUMER RIGHTS, you need to get behind i Consumer Complaints Org and DONATE to their cause. They exposed David Maus car dealerships for it's negative BBB rating and all the complaints on sites like Ripoff Report about David Maus companies. If you believe in CONSUMER RIGHTS ADVOCACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECH you can donate at

i Consumer Complaints Org

The case involves the right of i Consumer Complaints Org to operate sites such as David Maus Ripoff to make consumers aware of negative complaints on companies like the David Maus car dealerships that have an abundance of negative consumer complaints in the BBB and also on sites like Ripoff Complaints .com

Part of the counterclaim on David Maus and his companies is HUGE, since it involves the allegation of TRADE LIBEL of Maus Media Group against Page 1 and SEO Orlando. The counterclaim says that the actions of David Maus and his employees in his SEO company have caused Google to delist the map listing of SEO Orlando and as a result Page 1 is suing over lost revenue of 2 Million a year for ten years and treble damages and punitive damages for ONE BILLION DOLLARS or something to teach all tech companies you do not commit TRADE LIBEL on another tech company using GOOGLE BOMBS in Google maps.

SOLLOG is part of "Internet Lore" due to him being a major figure in the early days of the net for his famous prophecies. There's tens of thousands of pages on the Net about SOLLOG.

In 1996 SOLLOG sued then President Bill Clinton (USDC EDPA 96CV 1499 GOD v USA) over FALSE ARREST for a Federal case that a US Judge ordered the US AGO to dismiss, or the Judge would hit the US AGO for religious hate crimes in prosecuting a modern day PROPHET for merely doing what the Judge considered to be RELIGIOUS WRITINGS that are protected freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

That case is world famous since SOLLOG put details of future ACTS OF GOD in the case that have now started to happen. The edict was put into usenet and time stamped in 1999, it states New Orleans would be destroyed by a hurricane and the United States would cease to exist by 2001. Here is THE EDICT with Googles TIME STAMP. TOH members claim the 2001 date in the SOLLOG edict was when the USA did cease to exist as it did for years after 911 struck. Before 911 the USA was a free democracy, now it's a virtual police state say members of TOH. In other writings SOLLOG gave exact info about 911 that can be found on line with time stamps too, SOLLOG gave exact details about many events such as 911, and the rash of 9.0 Killer Quakes that are shaking the planet exactly as SOLLOG GUARANTEED in his famous Earthquake Prophecies. In 2005 New Orleans, one of the cities condemned by SOLLOG, was literally destroyed by the most famous ACT OF GOD to ever hit the USA Hurricane Katrina. Members in his Temple known as TOH or Temple of 'Hayah claim that case is defacto proof that SOLLOG is the divine ruler of EARTH. Since ACTS OF GOD have struck exactly as he GUARANTEED in US Federal Court records...

Staff of 247 News Net

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