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24 7 News Net - Secret Millionaire John Ferber Domain Holdings Company accused of CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD
April 27th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Secret Millionaire John Ferber Domain Holdings Company accused of CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD

So the great new domainer John Ferber and his new Domain Name Development Company Domain Holdings has been CAUGHT doing CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD against a competitor Page One.

That's the allegations I just got documented proof of from Page 1 via an email that is burning up the emails of those involved in the Domain Name Development Industry.

Ken Abel one of the personal lawyers of John Feber appears to have been in settlement discussions on behalf of John Ferber and Domain Holdings as to their network IP address being tracked to CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD in targeting a Page 1 client. That being a FORMER PROSECUTOR in Florida Joseph Maus who is now a Injury Lawyer in Florida and a client of Page 1.

The Chairman of Page 1, Sol Adoni gave LEGAL NOTICE today to John Ferber and his personal attorney that once again the IP address of Domain Holdings was tracked to CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD against the huge Page 1 network and in particular against the PPC account of Mr. Maus a former prosecutor in the state of Florida.

So while everyone is gushing about the generous John Ferber over his slick PR move on Secret Millionaire, his new company Domain Holdings has been tracked to CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD against a lawyer that used to put people away in major felony cases.

Domain Holdings competes directly with Page 1 in domain name development, SEO and SEM.

Page 1 now specializes in the high end of SEO work doing mostly work for lawyers and doctors and also the auto industry.

The Chairman of Page 1, Sol Adoni, is suing for 80 hours of his time now valued at $25,000.00 per hour.

That's approximately 2 MILLION. He also wants TREBLE DAMAGES and PUNITIVE DAMAGES from Domain Holdings to the tune of ONE BILLION DOLLARS since he alleges the criminal behavior is a form of corporate or trade sabotage by a competitor.

So the 'darling' of the domain industry, Prince John Ferber has been CAUGHT (his domain company) trying to destroy the client base of Page 1 via CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD.

Targeting a companies ppc account is indeed now in states such as California a form of computer hacking and a FELONY CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

I wonder how the executives of Domain Holdings are gonna look in chrome bracelets on their perp walk...

And another one bites the dust...

Staff of 247 News Net

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