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SOLLOG 8-2 after 2 Weeks of NFL Picks
September 20th, 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Once again we were given FIVE LOCKS by the Amazing Sollog who went 5-0 in Week 1 of the NFL 2010 Season.

Two games he lost in weird plays at end of games, turning WINS into loses.

As Sollog warned us, he will not be 100% on this, but he will be way better than any of the professional handicappers. A handicapper who hits 60% of NFL games is considered THE BEST THERE IS, so far Sollog is running 80%.

He is now 8-2 for the 2010 NFL Season.

The unusual ending to the Manning bowl, where the game was WON and all the Colts had to do was run out the clock, ended when the Colts had an unneeded running play and it resulted in a fumble allowing a last minute TD by Eli Manning to occur.

We were already congratulating Sollog on that amazing pick, the score was only 45 points and the lock was under 48. The last seconds TD by Eli made the game 52 points, a last minute loss for Sollog.

We'll be monitoring the picks of Sollog this season to see where the top psychic in the world ends up winning percentage wise this year. 60% winning ratio by professional handicappers is considered GREAT, so Sollog's 80% winning ratio shows he is THE GREATEST SPORTS HANDICAPPER EVER.

We asked Sollog why he is missed two games, he laughed, and said, "If I was 100% it would shatter the illusion of Free Will that MORTALS have, the games are known to my oracle, how the two loses came out shows they were picked to show only professional gamblers should be using my high winning percentage. As I told you, the Dallas game was most likely an intentional LOSS by oracle and there may be one more..."

Yes, were warned, that this weeks LOCKS direct from the Sollog oracle may have been seeded with loses so humans can speculate on why Sollog is so much better than all the pro handicappers and yet NOT PERFECT...

Afterall, as Sollog says, FREE WILL is the most important ILLUSION for Humans to think they enjoy...

Here is the LINK to where you can get the SOLLOG LOCK NEXT WEEK.


If you want to know the SOLLOG LOCK before the game, JOIN PSYCHIC BETS .com. If you are a gambler, you can afford to pay the weekly fee.

Sollog says gamblers should donate 10% of all winnings to his Temple, TOH, or Temple of Hayah.

Sollog's main site is www.SOLLOG.com

Staff of 247 News Net

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