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Great Chile Earthquake PROOF of 400% Increase in GREAT QUAKES past 10 years.
February 27th 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Over 400 are estimated to be DEAD from the GREAT CHILE EARTHQUAKE. It may reach THOUSANDS...


There has been a HUGE INCREASE in rare GREAT QUAKES and SUPER QUAKES in the past decade. Over 400% Increase. The media and government is HIDING this FACT.

Exact details of this huge increase and the areas where such GREAT QUAKES would occur was publicly released in 2001 by SOLLOG. Here is his GREAT QUAKE WARNING timestamped by GOOGLE.


Some say ALIENS and UFOS are causing these rare quakes to multiply now.

Some say it is the EVIL US GOVERNMENT and HAARP.

Why is Sollog's Earthquake Warnings so ACCURATE and yet the media ignores them and HIDE positive articles about Sollog to promote SLANDER and LIES...


Great Quakes over 8.0+ are RARE, or they were rare events.

From 1960 to 1995 there were only 11 in 35 years.

Since Sollog made his PUBLIC APPEARANCE in 1995, there have been 18 quakes worldwide over 8.0


Why are we the ONLY MEDIA reporting on these FACTS...

Staff of 247 News

Sollog is famous for his warning about the COMING AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM...

www.NUKETERROR.com is a famous Sollog Site.

Sollog's main site is www.SOLLOG.com

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