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Is Genesis in the Bible really the Book of the Dead?

By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire  
November 15th, 2008

The Book of Genesis is acknowledged as one of the worlds most ancient literary works. Jews claim it is Hebrew and DIVINE from the Almighty circa 1451 B.C. or so.

However, it appears the first Chapter of Genesis is actually much older. Pre 2500 B.C. according to a scholar of ancient languages.

In fact, he claims the Hebrew characters (letters) ARE NOT HEBREW AT ALL! They are merely a phonetic shorthand of an ancient SUMERIAN poem! Very similar to the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD!

The scholar reveals a simple way to create the full Sumerian text phonetically using 4 Simple Rules. Two of the Rules are the main Hebrew Rules for assumptive “A” vowels and doubling of internal consonants. You IGNORE Israeli vowel points!

He explains that modern copies of the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) had Israeli vowel points ADDED to the texts only a couple of thousand years ago. They were added to HIDE the Sumerian origin of the words!

Ancient Biblical Hebrew HAD NO VOWEL POINTS! A few characters are the ancient vowels, and several letters that appear to be duplicate letters, are actually letters with a vowel attached. (Example : “k” is both kaph and Qoph in Hebrew. The Qoph is really a “ku”.)

Using only four simple rules, the Hebrew text of Chapter One literally EXPLODES into a rich Sumerian poetic text. Chapter One in Hebrew has only 31 verses with about 400 Hebrew words. The TRUE TEXT is approximately 2,000 Sumerian words, with over 400 lines of text! Each Hebrew word is a full line of phonetic Sumerian! It's five times more info in Sumerian!

What does Chapter One of Genesis really say?

It contains many Sumerian words in the CULTIC EMESAL Dialect used ONLY by women! Priestesses who did RITUAL MAGIC to Rise and Lower the Sun and Moon. Also, fertility rituals!

While Chapter Two in modern Bibles explains Eve being taken from Adam's “RIB”, the Sumerian text puts that story in Chapter ONE. Also, MAN is taken from the RIB of his Mother Goddess!

The key word in this “Rib” story is the same word in Genesis Chapter One Verse 26, the “Let us make man in our image verse”.

The root word is “sadhe – lamed” or “SAL”. In Sumerian SAL is WOMB! So man was not the “Image of God”, he was taken from the WOMB of his mother!

Eve did not come from a “Rib”, it was from a SAL or WOMB! The Qur'an refers to this MISTAKE using the word “SAL SAL” in Arabic. Translated as “Clay”. The Sumerian etymology shows womb is the CORRECT translation! (Surah 15:26)

SAL” with no prefix or suffix is shadow in Hebrew. Isaiah 30:2 and 30:3 refer to this MISTAKE, about the Shadow of Egypt and CONFUSION. The Hebrew word for confusion in these verses of Isaiah refer to Kalama (kaph-lamed-mem). Kalama is Sumerian for Sumeria!

So Isaiah POINTED OUT to “SHADOW”, “SAL” the key of Rib and Image being Kalama (Sumerian)!

Likewise, Luke 1:35 puts “SHADOW” in the verse about Mary's WOMB! Gabriel was used as the “Angel”, since Gabriel only appears in Daniel as the “man” who has to EXPLAIN the meaning of what Daniel sees! (Dan 8:16). Only THE SHADOW KNOWS...

While English versions of Chapter One now run only a few pages, the Sumerian version is about 5 times longer.

While much of the “Hebrew” text contains “lost” prefixes and suffixes and whole words are omitted in translation, the true Sumerian text uses literally every character and word!

The scholar who revealed this startling REVELATION is a world famous figure already! In 1995 he revealed what some call the first SCIENTIFIC PROOF of Intelligent Design to our Solar System. Proof of a CREATOR!

TCF - The Creator Formula
PDF - Planetary Distance Formula

He is also world famous for his “Prophecies”.

In 2002 He GUARANTEED various ACTS OF GOD would strike the USA! He actually warned hurricanes would DESTROY New Orleans and Galveston!

New Orleans DESTROYED by Hurricane as Sollog GUARANTEED
Hurricane Ike LEVELS Galveston Texas As Sollog Warned!
31 Disasters Prophecy

In October 2007 He warned of the HISTORIC RISE OF OIL, the Crash of World Stocks and the Rise of Barack!

Xmas Prophecies 2007

He claims Barack is THE SATAN warned of in the Greek New Testament!

Did jesus Claim Barack Obama Is SATAN?

In 2004 he gave exact info about the 2004 Tsunami/Quake over a month before it happened!

Great Tsunami kills 250,000 as Sollog warned
The 10th Anniversary Quakes Warning

The scholar in over 10 Ancient Languages is :

The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni


He is the founder of Hykal ' Hayah

Temple of 'Hayah – www.TempleofHayah.com

Here is a Link to Verse One of Chapter One of Genesis:

Link to Genesis 1:1 Sumerian

The full translation of Chapter One of Genesis is over 2,000 words and over 400 lines of verse. It is in Sollog's newest book:

Origin of GOD!

Sollog's Books are at www.sollog.com.

Sollog has authored over 50 Books.

He has produced 5 Films and numerous music CDs.

By staff of 247News.net


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