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Rabbi REVEALS 666 NOT in Greek Bible!

By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire 
September 28nd, 2008

Holy Mackeral! Perhaps Holy LOX!  A controversial "Rabbi" has revealed a MAJOR FLAW in every Bible. Revelations 13:18 DOES NOT SAY 666! It says 540!

The Rabbi is the author of over 50 Esoteric Books.  Many of which deal with Kabballah and Gematria.

The ancient Greek texts does show the letters Chi-Xi-Sigma in this verse.  As do Strong's Bible Concordances.

A quick check on Greek Gematria charts shows the Rabbi is RIGHT! The Number of the Beast is 540!

Who is the Beast?  The Rabbi says 540 in Kabballah is Sadhe-Tav-Nun, or another way to phonetically spell SATAN!

So the name is SATAN!  hahaha

Oh, the Rabbi points out this "Riddle" shows the whole New Testament was written to amuse Greek Hermetic Scribes.  Since SATAN in Hebrew has several meanings.

The reason is, Hebrew has multiple "T"'s and "S"'s.  One Satan is Accuser.  Another is PISS ON THE WALL!

The Rabbi also reveals, had 666 been in the Texts, then it would be USM in Hebrew.  Exactly how US(a)M(a) would be spelled!

So, USAMA is 666, but the Greek texts show only 540!

The Rabbi says THERE IS NO SATAN as Christians understand that concept.  SATAN IS NOT A JEWISH OR HEBREW THEOLOGICAL FIGURE!

The Rabbi told our staff, in Ancient Sumerian, SA-TA-NA meant Heart of Rock or Heart of Man.  This concept is in Genesis, where "GOD" calls THE HEART OF MAN EVIL!

The ONLY EVIL the Rabbi says, IS THE HEART OF MAN!

The Rabbi's website is www.Sollog.com

The "666 PROPHECY" is at www.sollogs.com/pro1/666.html


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