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Philly Prison Staff claims Sollog used VOODOO to kill a Guard!

By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire 
February 18th, 2008

A recently filed "Declaration" by Sollog in his BILLION-DOLLAR lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia, states PPS (Phila. Prison System) Internal Affairs Staff INSULTED thousands of members of TOH (Temple of 'Hayah) when Sgt. Tillney and officer Kielburger asked Sollog, the Head Priest/Rabbi of TOH, "If He used VOODOO, to kill Lt. Howard!"

Sollog is suing numerous members of PPS over Prison ABUSE! Lt. Howard was one of the defendants!

The "Declaration" claims, Sollog filed SEALED documents describing THE TORTURE Lt. Howard committed upon him! The Docket of USDC-EDPa. Case No. 07-5484 shows on 1/29/08 a SEALED Motion for a TRO was filed by Sollog. Lt Howard suffered a FATAL STROKE one day later!

Sollog's "Declaration" claims, on 1/28/08 he told PPS Guards Lopez and S. Robinson that Lt. Howard would be TERMINATED by that Friday! Two days later, Lt. Howard suffered her fatal stroke on 1/30/2008!

In 1997, the internet was filled with stories of how Anton Lavey, the founder of C.O.S. (Church Of Satan) died in October 1997, exactly when Sollog's "902 Prophecy" GUARANTEED the Death of the "Pope of Satan" would DIE in October 1997, connected to the 13th Day and the moon.

Anton Lavey died on the 13th Day of the new moon that month (Oct. 1997). He was known as "The Pope of Satan!"

Sollog's "Declaration", reveals he merely had a "Psychic Dream" about getting a "New Lt. for his Pod by 2/1/08. He says, "Rabbi's DO NOT USE VOODOO OR BLACK MAGIC!" He says, "THE ALMIGHTY has a way of dealing with EVIL hiding in human wrappers..."

Sollog's site is www.sollog.com.


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